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My Story With Tastemalls

My story with stems from my belief in practicality and convenience. As a car enthusiast, I know the importance of car safety and performance for drivers and passengers. The Portable Electric Air Pump is a practical tool that can save you in many unexpected situations. 

When you find that your tire pressure is low, it can help you solve the problem in the shortest possible time without having to wait for a tow truck or ask for help.

This is not only a convenience, but also a safety guarantee. I hope I can provide people with a high-quality, reliable car Portable Electric Air Pump to ensure that people’s travels are easier and more enjoyable.

Our Portable Electric Air Pump

Easy to carry

Our Portable Electric Air Pump is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. Maximum dimensions are 3.16 × 2.57 × 7.78 inches and maximum weight is 1.98 lbs. It will not take up too much space whether it is placed in the trunk or backpack.

LED lighting

Equipped with LED lighting function, it can not only be used for lighting in emergency situations at night, but also allows you to operate easily in dim environments to ensure safe inflation.

Can handle a variety of needs

The Inflation Pressure Range is wide, from 3Psi to 150Psi or 0-10.3Bar, ensuring that it meets your needs for different tires and inflated objects (such as car tires, bicycle tires, balloons, swimming rings, etc.).

High Power

After charging for 30 minutes, it can work continuously for up to 35 minutes, which is enough to inflate 20 tires with a pressure of 2.3Bar, ensuring inflation efficiency and performance reliability.

Support tire pressure control

Our Portable Electric Air Pump is equipped with a preset tire pressure system and intelligent tire pressure display function, allowing you to clearly understand the current tire pressure. It can automatically stop after the inflation task is completed to avoid over-inflation and provide more protection.

Get In touch

When you choose our Portable Electric Air Pump, you choose not only a product, but also a convenient lifestyle. Our desire is to help you overcome inflation problems, whether in emergencies or in everyday life, by providing you with convenient and safe solutions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need help about our products or services, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or send us an online form.

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